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Tournament Trivia 8/2/23

How much do you know the Classic?

Answers are down below.

2x2 Grid

  • Select a player for each cell that matches the criteria for that cell's row and column.

  • You have four guesses.

  • Each guess, whether correct or incorrect, counts as a guess.

  • A player cannot be used twice.

  • For multiple teams, players were once on that said team roster.

  • Players may be active or inactive.

2x2 Grid Trivia

​Young Guns

Home Run Derby Champion (Career)

Irish Assassins

American Made-ish

Can you Remember?

During Papertown's early championship runs, award winning pitcher, Alex Highley, went by what nickname in relation to his hairdo?

Guess the Career Path

  • You will be given the career path of an individual player.

  • This player may be active or inactive.

  • Guess the player.

'16 World Series Champs -> Notorious PIG -> MAXXED


2x2 Grid Answers:

Young Guns x Irish Assassins

Sam Driscoll

Young Guns x American Made-ish

Home Run Derby Champion x Irish Assassins

Home Run Derby Champion x American Made-ish

Can you Remember Answer:


Guess the Career Path Answer:

Zack Keck

So how did you do? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes out throughout the week for more Tournament Trivia!

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